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A problem about running Argo

After I launched an Argo workflow, it just hanged on ContainerCreating stage. After waiting for more than 10 minutes, it hasn’t changed at all. Then I found this article. After using

I finally found out the problem in Message column:

That’s because I forgot to add secret to… Read more »

Use both ‘withParam’ and ‘when’ in Argo Workflows (on Kubernetes)

In Argo, we can use ‘withParam’ to create loop logic:

But in my YAML, it also use when in Argo:

When the NEED_RUN is 0, the Argo will report error since it can’t find the {{steps.generate.outputs.result}}. Seems the YAML parser of Argo will try to parse withParam before… Read more »

Some tips about Argo Workflows (on Kubernetes)

Using Argo to execute workflows last week, I met some problems and also find the solutions. 1. Can’t parse “outputs” By submitting this YAML file:

I met the error:

Why the Argo could’t recognize the “steps.generate.outputs.result”? Because only “source” could have a default “output”, not “args”. So the… Read more »