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Investigating about Streaming ETL solutions

Normal ETL solutions need to deliver all data from transactional databases to data warehouse. For instance, DBAs or Data Scientists usually deploy a script to export whole table from database to data warehouse each hour. To accelerate this process, we decided to use Streaming ETL solution in AWS(or GCP, if… Read more »

Some tips about “Amazon Redshift Database Developer Guide”

Show diststyle of tables

Details about distribution styles: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/redshift/latest/dg/viewing-distribution-styles.html How to COPY multiple files into Redshift from S3 http://docs.aws.amazon.com/redshift/latest/dg/t_loading-tables-from-s3.html Could “Group” (or “Order”) by number, not column name

COPY with automatical compression To apply automatic compression to an empty table, regardless of its current compression encodings, run the… Read more »

Enable audit log for AWS Redshift

When I was trying to enable the Audit Log for AWS Redshift, I chose to use a exists bucket in S3. But it reports error:

According to this document, I need to change permission of bucket “redshift-robin”. So I entered the AWS Console of S3, click bucket name of… Read more »

Book notes about “Amazon Redshift Database Developer Guide”

Although be already familiar with Cloud Computing for may years, I haven’t look inside many services provided by Amazon Web Service. Because my company (Alibaba) has it’s own cloud platform: Aliyun, so we are only allowed to use home-made cloud products, such as ECS(like EC2 in AWS), RDS(like RDS in… Read more »