About one month ago I and my old colleague Jian Mei had published a paper about ornithology images on arXiv.org. But two days ago, Jian Mei found out that I have written the number of images and categories wrong.

To update the paper, I just packed my .tex and .bib files into a zip and uploaded this zip to arXiv.org to replace my old pdf. But strange things happened: all the references are lost.

Then I caught sight of the document. Since the arXiv.org only supports .bbl file instead of .bib, I need to compile the .bib to a .bbl file manually.

Could overleaf do it? Fortunately it could. Just upload the zip file and click the “Logs and output files” icon as below:

Then click the “Other logs & files” and choose “bbl file”. The bbl file will be downloaded. Finally, change the bbl file name to be the same with the .tex file (except the .bbl suffix) and pack them again to be a zip file.

This time, all references came back to the paper.