Install CDH(Cloudera Distribution Hadoop) by Cloudera Manager

These days I was trying to install Cloudera-5.8.3 on my centos-7 machines, and here are some steps for operation and tips for trouble shooting:

0. If you are not in USA, the speed of network for accessing Cloudera Repository of RPMS(or Parcels) is desperately slow, thus we need to move CM (Cloudera Manager) Repo and CDH Repo to local.

Create local CM Repo

Create local CDH Repo

1. Install Cloudera Manager (steps)

2. Start Cloudera Manager

But it report:

In centos-7, the solution is:

Also need to run “sudo ./cloudera-manager-installer.bin –skip_repo_package=1” to create “”.

3. Login to the Cloudera Manager(port: 7180) and follow the steps of Wizard to create a new cluster. (Choose the local repository for installation will bring favorable fast speed 🙂

Make sure the hostname of every node is correct. And by using “Host Inspector”, we can reveal many potential problems in these machines.

After tried many times to setup cluster, I found this error in logs of some nodes:

The solution is simple:

and restart Cloudera Manager Agent on these nodes.

I also confronted a problem that installation progress has hanged on this message:

There isn’t any process of “yum” running in the node, so why it still acquire installation lock? The answer is:

4. After many fails and retry, I eventually setup the Hadoop Ecosystem of CDH:


When upgrading or downgrading a Cloudera Cluster, your may see this problem:

The solution is (if in ‘single user mode’):

and try it again.

When staring ResourceManager, it failed and report:

The reason of this error is: there is a Non-Cloudera version of zookeeper installed on the host. Remove it and reinstall zookeeper from CDH, the yarn-resource-manager will be launched successfully.

If meet “Deploy Client Configuration failed” when create new service, just add sudo nopassword to cloudera-scm user.

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