A successful rescue for a remote server

After installed CUDA-9.2 on a remote server, I found that the system can’t load nvidia.ko (kernel module) with dmesg:

The reason is the current kernel running on my system has turned on the CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR compiler option. Therefore I change the default entry of grub2 and reboot the server, for entering a new kernel without this option.
But unfortunately, the server never start up again. All my code and data (includes my colleague’s code and data) are on this server, so we get a little nervous then.

Since the server is in a remote datacenter, we can’t just plugin in a keyboard and a screen to debug. Thus I use the out-of-bound system to reboot this server to diskless-mode. After entering this mode, I mount the disk for ‘/boot’ directory:

and manually change the ‘/boot/grub2/grubenv’ like this (the ‘save_entry’ is 2 before):

Then reboot the server again. This time, the server started up smoothly now. All our code and data is untainted.

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