Some errors in dataset pipeline of Tensorflow

To extend image datasets by using mixup,I use this snippet to mix two images:

But after generating images by using this snippet, the training report errors:

The size of each image is 512x512x4 = 1048576 bytes. But I can’t understand why there is image has the size of 8388608 bytes.
Firstly my suspected point is the dataset flow of Tensorflow. But after changing the code of dataset pipeline, I find the problem is not in Tensorflow.
Again and again, I reviewed my code of generating new images and also adding some debug stub. Finally, I found out the problem: it’s not Tensorflow’s fault, but mine.
By using

The type of ‘new_image’ is ‘float64’, not ‘uint8’ for ‘major_image’ and ‘minor_image’! The ‘float64’ use 8 bytes to store one element, so this explains the ‘8388608’ in error information.
To correctly mixup images, the code should be:

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