Using Single Shot Detection to detect birds (Episode two)

In the previous article, I reached mAP 0.739 for VOC2007. After about two weeks, I add more tricks to reach mAP 0.740.
The most important trick is escalating the expand-scale of augmentation which is made from this patch. Increase the scale range could help the model to detect a smaller object. Moreover, to detect more hidden bird, I enhanced the RandomBrightness() and add ToGray() to let the model detect some black-white objects (I don’t man pandas). By using a confidence threshold of 0.4, I get these images which seems kind of promising:


I also tried learning rate warm up. But it can’t boost the performance. The explanation may be: warm up learning rate may cause overfit for the model.
After used and only used CUB-200-2011 dataset, I still got very bad performance for bird detection which seems like a mystery. I will go on my test to find out why.

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