Grab a hands-on realtime-object-detection tool

Try to get a fast (what I mean is detecting in lesss than 1 second on mainstream CPU) object-detection tool from Github, I experiment with some repositories written by PyTorch (because I am familiar with it). Below are some conclusions:
1. detectron2
This the official tool from Facebook Corporation. I download and installed it successfully. The test python code is:

Although can’t recognize all birds in below image, it will cost more than 5 seconds on CPU (my MackbookPro). Performance is not as good as my expectation.

2. efficientdet
From the paper, the EfficientDet should be fast and accurate. But after I wrote a test program, it totally couldn’t recognize the object at all. Then I gave up this solution.

3. EfficientDet.Pytorch
Couldn’t download models from it’s model_zoo.

4. ssd.pytorch
Finally, I came to my sweet ssd(Single Shot Detection). Since have studied it for more than half a year, I wrote below snippet quickly:

The result is not perfect but good enough for my current situation.

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