Changing values in container

std::map table;
for (auto item : table) {
  item.second = 2;

The code above will not change any value in container ‘table’. ‘auto’ will become std::pair and ‘item’ will be a copy of real item in ‘table’, so modify ‘item’ will not change the actual value in container.
The correct way is:

for (auto &tem : table) {
  item.second = 2;


for (std::map::iterator it = table.begin(); it != table.end(); ++it) {
  it->second = 2;

Do traversal and modification concurrently in a container
Using concurrent_hash_map like this:

typedef tbb::concurrent_hash_map CacheMap;
CacheMap cache;
// Thread 1
for (auto &item : cache) {
  cout << item.second << "\n";
// Thread 2
CacheMap::accessor ac;
cache.insert(ac, std::make_pair("hello", 123));

will cause the program to coredump.
The reason is that concurrent_hash_map can't be modified and traversed concurrently.
Actually, Intel figure out another solution to concurrently-traverse-and-insert: concurrent_unordered_map.
But still be careful, concurrent_unordered_map support simultaneous traversal and insertion, but not simultaneous traversal and erasure.