At the beginning of 2019, I finished the book “The Great Siege: Malta 1565”. The story about a few loyal knights protecting Europe from the Ottoman Empire is so extraordinary that it encouraged me to go on my learning and working about information technology.
To find a new job about Data Engineer or Data Scientist, I almost remembered the whole book of “Hundreds of interviews about machine learning” (Title translated from Chinese). Although I haven’t found a job about machine learning (actually, it’s a job about just damned PHP and Javascript), this book gave me confidence and direction before looking for a new job.
I bought the book “Rats of NIMH” at the end of 2016, and finished reading it after more than two years. In the period, life changed tremendously for me, though I hope the end of it would be as good as the Frisby family.
The most exciting new thing I learned is about NLP in deep learning. After reading the papers about Word2Vec, Transformer, Elmo, BERT, etc. I became very familiar and interesting about NLP.
After started my new job in June 2019, I read the book “Statistical Machine Learning” (Title translated from Chinese) on the commute bus. The bus was very vibrant so I have to read the book for a while and take some rest for my eyes and repeat them. Life is not easy, so I should insist further.