A couple of days ago I am looking for a tool to manage different Kubernetes Clusters in my only laptop. But after a while, I realized that kubectl actually support multi-clusters by itself (link).

Then I opened my .kube/config file and saw

- cluster:
  name: ClusterA
- cluster:
  name: ClusterB
- user:
  name: UserA
- user:
  name: UserB
- context:
    cluster: ClusterA
    user: UserA
  name: ContextA
- context:
    cluster: ClusterB
    user: UserB
  name: ContextB
current-context: ContextA

Seems that we could directly use argo command to submit Argo workflow to different k8s clusters:

argo submit job_a.xml --context ContextA
argo submit job_b.xml --context ContextB

Since the context names are automatically generated by gcloud container clusters get-credentials <gke_cluster_name>, what should I do if I want to make the name more intuitive?

The answer is here. We can just use:

kubectl config rename-context <old_context_name> <new_context_name>