Since beginning my new job on 6th January, I start to learn Kubernetes for the first time. Frankly speaking, Kubernetes is very powerful and also easy to use (from my perspective). And the book “Kubernetes in action” is a really good book for beginners.

Bought seven books of “A song of ice and fire” by 35 dollars from eBay in last year, I finally start to read this epic novel. The world built by Martin is so cruel, so cold, and so attractive. The “A clash of kings” maybe the thickest single book I have read in my memory.

To learn more hardware knowledge, I have gone through the fifth version of “Computer Architecture“. Passed a lot of paragraphs, just got a preliminary view about modern CPU architecture. Hope to have the opportunity in future to read it more elaborately.

In spite of writing by the same author Wolfgang Faust, the “Tiger Tracks” is not as evocative as “The last panther“, which is the best war literature I read until today.

Ensemble Methods” is written by a Chinese professor at Nanjing University, Zhi-Hua Zhou. I love his book because they are very easy to understand and also could give me a lot of new concepts and knowledge. Though this book is not very practical in my work, I still recommend it for expanding our view of the horizon.

Last but not least. I’d like to recommend two extra papers, which are very interesting and inspirational this year for both software and hardware areas.

Software: Dota 2 with Large Scale Deep Reinforcement Learning

Hardware: Fast Stencil-Code Computation on a Wafer-Scale Processor