Normally, to upgrade a cluster of Google Kubernetes Engine, we need to upgrade the master at first, and then node_pools. For convenience, I just click the button “UPGRADE AVAILABLE” in the “Release Channel” section under the “DETAILS” tab of the cluster GUI.

After about 5-10 mins, I started to use command to upgrade all our node_pools in this cluster

for pool in highcpu-2 highcpu-4 highcpu-8 ; do
  echo y|gcloud container clusters upgrade my-cluster --node-pool="${pool}" --zone=my-zone --project=my-project

Since we have quite a bunch of node_pools, this upgrade process takes about half an hour to finish. Even the script has ended, there was still two node_pools showed “Error” status. And the detail of the error is:

Insufficient quota to satisfy the request: waiting on IG: instance is still CREATING. Last attempt error: [QUOTA_EXCEEDED] Instance ‘my-zone-highcpu-2-e435c7e2-xelk’ creation failed: Quota ‘CPUS’ exceeded. Limit: 1200.0 in region …

Seems the upgrade process need to create extra new nodes with a new version first and then delete the old nodes hence would require extra CPUs and cause the exceeding of CPU quota.

Don’t worry. We just need to rerun the upgrade for these two node_pools with “Error” status and eventually all cluster upgraded to 1.19.9-gke.1900