I know it looks too late that I wrote this article in the middle of the year. But, late is much better than none. Right?

I bought the seven books series of “A song of ice and fire” on 23rd November 2019 and finish reading them on 3rd August 2021. It is definitely the best fantasy novel I have read so far (sorry Salvatore, I just told you my true thought). The whole world and the whole story in it are cold and cruel, but unimaginably fascinating and attractive.

The first book of the series is published early in 1996 when I was just a stupid middle school student. I feel really regret I hadn’t started to learn English more intensive and started to read “A song of ice and fire” since then.

The currently last book of the series is published in 2011, a total of eleven years ago. Oh, George, please write the last two volumes as quickly as possible. Your fans had been waiting for 11 years. I don’t want to wait another 11 years more…

Fortunately, I also got some time to look into some area that I am really interesting in but couldn’t benifit my work, such as Semiconductor. The book “Introduction to Semiconductor Technology” really helps me a lot. It starts the introduction from basic phisicals and chemistry knowledge to how to make silicon wafer, to how to paste photoresist, to how to etch, to how lithography, to how to etch, to how to make backend wires. Although forgot almost all my chemistry knowledge before, I still could understand all the process in this industry. And it looks really cool! I can’t hold to show a image for a beautiful DRAM:

In computer science, the algorithm is one of the most important, and also the most difficult part. As a career routine, I found this “The Algorithm Design Manual” and study the algorithms again, mainly focus on the dynamic-programming and just skim through the graph algorithm (they are far away from my daily work, and also far difficult…). I couldn’t say I understood this book very well but at least I take my share of it. And, hope I can revisit it again in the near future.