Here is the code for me to query a table of BigQuery:

from import bigquery
from import BigQueryReadClient

client = bigquery.Client()
storage_client = BigQueryReadClient()
df = client.query("select * from my_table1").to_dataframe(bqstorage_client=storage_client)

Then it reported the error:

“Access Denied: Project PRJ_B: User does not have permission in project PRJ_B.”

But actually, I want to launch a job in project PRJ_A. So I add a shell command “gcloud config set project PRJ_A” before running this python script. But the errors continued.

After searching the API doc of Python BigQuery, I found out that the “bigquery.Client()” function could add an argument:

client = bigquery.Client(project="PRJ_A")

Now the script works well.